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SSY (Super Street Y-sports) A street sports pad that focuses on initial breaking rather than dust volume In the past, "Y-sports" has been praised in terms of good performance as a...

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SSY (Super Street Y-sports)

A street sports pad that focuses on initial breaking rather than dust volume

In the past, "Y-sports" has been praised in terms of good performance as a street pad such as initial braking and fade recovery, and as a pad which demonstrates reliable braking performance under any conditions. We have renewed it as a pad that not only has the excellent control which is required for a sports pad but also both street performance and sports performance. Please experience the sureness of the initial breaking where the initial braking μ which is sharpened by minimal braking in rises up.

Recommended for the following people

  • Those who want a pad that is working right from initial installation
  • Those who also wish to enjoy a bit of sports driving
  • Proper rotor temperature/0400 Average friction coefficient/0.350.45
  • Material/non-asbestos Driving fields/Street – Winding

SSS (Super Street S-sports)

A low dust type street sports pad which increases braking performance while suppressing noise

In recent years low dust is a requirement condition for high-performance street brake pads, and ENDLESS successfully developed this from an early stage and has garnered praise for it. Also, to support new usability, “Super Street S-sports” reduces noise to the minimum and increases initial braking, thereby allowing you to feel the deceleration directly as soon as you start pressing down on the pedal while driving at low temperatures. Recommended for street users who focus on initial braking.

Recommended for the following people

  • Those who focus on initial braking on the street
  • Those who wish for a model that has high braking performance with low noise
  • Proper rotor temperature/0480 Average friction coefficient/0.380.45
  • Material/non-asbestos Driving fields/StreetWinding


A true hands-on brake pad that demonstrates high braking performance under low temperatures, high temperatures, and any conditions

ENDLESS developed new track day brake pads as "CCRg"

The new one has a very flat torque curve with good heat resistance.

And it can be much easier to a disc at low temp than the current CCRg. The new material has very good modulation and good pedal releasing. While the friction level is lower than the current CCRg. If you want to focus in the circuit, CCRg can be suited for you.

Recommended for the following people

  • Those who want a race brake pad that can also be used at low temperatures
  • Those who value control during circuit driving
  • Proper rotor temperature/50800 Average friction coefficient/0.380.45
  • Material/Semi-Metallic Driving fields/TRACK DAY


Track day pads' high rigidity and touch can be experienced on the street

MX87 is a pad designed for the street while still performing on the track, produced using a new process entirely different from other semi-metallic pads. The compound character performs low temp & pressure.

Recommended for the following people

●Those who place importance on daily use on streets and highways

MX87 is easy to handle even when the brakes are cold at the beginning of a drive or on the highway without needing to warm up like a specialized sports pad.

●Those who want to do a little sport driving with daily-use specifications

With MX87, even those who hesitate to use circuit specifications can handle winding and a little circuit driving in a vehicle set up for commuting and shopping.

* Wear will be faster if the product is used at a high temperature like those produced on a circuit. For those cases, we recommend MX72 Plus and CCRg.

*MX87 does not have any anti-noise weight as the above photo

*MX87 is not available in Japan

●Proper rotor temperature / 30700 Average friction coefficient / 0.380.46μ

●Material / Semi-Metallic

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