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Capture. Replay. Overlay. Analyse. Full HD recording. Crystal Clear Video. TFT Colour display. Automatic Start/Stop. Real-time overlay videos. Configurable. Choice of lens and can cable. Wave & Wobble eliminated. Waterproof. The...

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Capture. Replay. Overlay. Analyse.

Full HD recording. Crystal Clear Video. TFT Colour display. Automatic Start/Stop. Real-time overlay videos. Configurable. Choice of lens and can cable. Wave & Wobble eliminated. Waterproof.

The new SmartyCam3 Sport saves all your data to a supported micro-SD card for up to 2TB of data. This includes speed, RPM, lap number, gear shifts and many more features. With a built-in data logger running on an external power of 9-15 volts, the new SmartyCam3 automatically powers on and off in-sync with your engine and will auto start/stop recording, the parameters of this being personalised by the user. Analyse your data from a vast range of sources such as ECU information, GPS information, track map, vehicle position, speed, lap & split times. Video format is at H.264 1920x1080 pixels, 30 FPS, and the display resolution of 128x128 pixels gives your footage crisp condition. Our quality doesn’t falter, even under the pressure of extreme motorsport conditions such as poor weather, strong vibrations, continuous rain, and high/low temperatures as extreme as -10°C to + 50°C. Our camera is also waterproof (IP65) for extra protection.

Sync and Analyse your data and video like never before

With the built-in data logger, you can view all the channels displayed on the video footage and review them with our new Race Studio 3 analysis software. Such channels include RPM, throttle, engaged gears, acceleration, temperatures, and pressures including a tri-axis accelerometer.


The SmartyCam3 Sport includes a global shutter CMOS sensor and a low distortion lens with a field of view of 84° covering all areas, its lightweight 200g (battery included) framework infallible in providing you with smooth and effortless footage.

The SmartyCam3 Sport contains a rechargeable lithium battery confined inside its 79.9x54x6.5mm body and has a 1 x 712 5 pin female binder connector that the camera can be directly connected to with any of our supported dashes, lap timers and loggers that supply the camera with power and CAN information directly from your vehicle.

Finished with a sleek new look, the SmartyCam3 is assured to add efficiency, informational data, productivity, and style to your racing. AiM SmartyCam3 Sport is lighter, sleeker and even better than ever. Here at AiM, we provide only the best innovations and are constantly and consistently working to better your racing experience.

Higher Storage Capacity

Generic HD cameras focus too much on pixel numbers resulting in large file sizes. The SmartyCam3 footage has the same quality as other FHD cameras with smaller files due to H.264 compression system parameters being optimised to a perfect balance between video quality and file size. Choose between three file quality levels: One hour recording = 4GB (High Quality), 2GB (Normal Quality) or 1.5GB (Lower quality).
The SD card housing is 100% protected from air and weathering.
SD cards sold separately.

Expand your system

The SmartyCam 3 Sport can be connected through the CAN network to our AiM Loggers, MX Series, MXL2, MyChron, Solo2 DL, EVO5 and ECU Bridge.
You can connect more SmartyCam 3 cameras on the same CAN network. The SmartyCam has its configuration and automatically retrieves the data it needs from the network without interfering with the others. You can also synchronize your video and data with the Loggers using Race Studio 3 software.

Configure & Analyse with Race Studio 3

With Race Studio 3 you can create, modify, delete, import and export configurations with all channels, ECU drivers, Math channels, Display Pages, Digital outputs, Alarms, Shift Lights and all the expansions you need. You will also be able to manage the map of all your racing tracks and compare two laps watching the video recorded by SmartyCam cameras.
With Race Studio 3 you can also analyse all data recorded by the SmartyCam and downloaded to your PC: graphs, histograms and tables will help you study your performance, providing objective support to avoid mistakes and improve performances.
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